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All the Souls That Nobody Could Save by PenumbralWolf
All the Souls That Nobody Could Save

:icontgb-firetribe: :iconthe-golden-butterfly: :icontgb-firetribe:

Points to Fire Tribe!

Do you know where I came from? 
No, I don't, but I'm singing all the same songs
I'm alone, and you're looking for your anyone
Does it hurt just to know that it's all gone? 
I can feel the pain in the words that you say

We had to lose it all, just to know that we lost one. 

Nevermind I take that back
I'm a cold, emotionless bitch eve
[ Debito / Green-Fire / N. Pheasant Woods ]

The world seemed off on this day; the birds did not sing their hymns, the breeze did not rustle the undergrowth, and not a sound of scampering prey could be heard. It was as if every creature had gone into mourning, knowing what had happened within the Fire Tribe camp. Why did death whisper its ominous prophecies into the ears of all of the tribe cats? Each breath came as agony, forcing the world to a halt as everything fell apart. Death would surround the tribe cats for an eternity, and there would be no escaping the endless cycle of agony and anguish.

Snow had begun to fall gently, dappling the brittle grass with a glistening, white dust. Frost caked the ground, making each pawstep feel cold and uncomfortable. The Green-Fire abhorred this weather, and he wanted to feel the warmth of Fire Tribe territory surrounding him. What would that do, though? I need a break from all of this sorrow. I-Will I ever want to go back? Will the Spirits disdain me if I run away? I-I can’t be a coward. There has to be something left in Fire Tribe, right? Debito could remember the day he had joined Fire Tribe, his black tattoo turning a deep green. If he left, he would miss all of his remaining friends-and his mate and kits. They would surely miss him, too-right?

But I have nobody in Fire Tribe! What will I be turning my back to? My kits are in Air Tribe, and..I can hardly even go to see them. Debito dipped his head, sorrow glistening in his hollow, yellow eyes. He wanted to be a better guard, a better father, a better everything. Now he could feel his paws taking him through the forest, as if he was lost.

He was lost in more ways than one.

{Fauna | Orange - Air | N. Pheasant Woods}

Cold air chilled her too the bone as she bounded through the forest. This was the first time in moons she was alone. The kits were left back at Air - Tribe with a few elders watching over them so they didn’t get into any more trouble then they already do. The feeling of freedom was exhilarating , weaving her body through tall trees was never more fun to her. Having kits was great, she absolutely loved her bundles of joy but she was still young. Young enough to remember what it was like to not have such a responsibility sitting on her solders every second of the day. Wondering if they were alright and well fed and cared for. But that wasn’t the only thing she had to worry about. The golden butterflies were making it impossible for her to feel safe, she didn’t trust them one bit. And Debito. She hadn’t seen her mate in weeks so her instincts told her to look for him. The kits hardly ever got to see him either, but that wasn’t his fault. With everything going on in the tribes it wasn’t safe for them to travel from tribe to tribe often.

She ventured closer to Fire- Tribe now, with hopes to catch a scent of Debito, was he even out? The fear of him being sick or hurt sent shivers down her spine. If he died she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. She would be torn apart. The soft yellow eyes that gave her so much joy would be gone and she could not let that happen. Now bounding through the forest she was desperate to hear his voice again and see his face. Maybe if she found him, they could go back to Air Tribe camp and visit the kits quickly.

[ Debito / Green-Fire / N. Pheasant Woods ]

Freezing air seemed to bite into his flesh, sinking into his marrow like a parasite. Was this just a reminder of everything he was losing? A sudden thought struck him, as if he had taken a blow to the head. If Fauna died, where would he be? What would he do? He would be so utterly lost-and alone. He wouldn’t have enough energy to take care of his kittens, and they’d end up loathing him for it. It seemed as if his whole world teetered at the thought of this; he would have to be the first to die. He didn’t want it any other way. If he was going out of this world, he’d die with honor and courage. That was the only death he wanted-the only death he’d accept.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of pawsteps and crackling undergrowth. A purr escaped his throat as he scented the air, noticing the Orange-Air that he had come to love so dearly. Fauna almost defined his world-she was one of the few loved ones he had left. ”Fauna!” he called, crashing through the undergrowth and stuffing his muzzle into her soft neck fur. Had he ever been happier in his life? It almost seemed as if she had dragged him from his thoughts and given him a purpose. This was his moment of peace, and he needed to take it in while he could.

{Fauna | Orange - Air | N. Pheasant Woods}

A grey blur rushed at her. The familiar scent made a loud purr erupt from her maw. Suddenly the cold was gone, his presence warmed her and made her heart calm once again. This is exactly where she should be at all times. With the only cat that stuck around, the only one that could make the darkest day brighter. He really was the sunshine in this dark, scary world. She nuzzled him back, pouring love into every moment she spent with him. She didn’t know the next time she would see him, and taking the time they spent together for granted would be the only thing she would regret.

Bubbly mews escaped her mouth as they stood in a warm embrace> ”Debito, I’m so glad we found each other.” She spoke looking up at his face. The grey cat she fell in love with would be the only thing she could never stop looking at. No matter how beautiful the leaves turning red and gold or when snow fell for the first time, he was the only thing she could never get sick of.

[ Debito / Green-Fire / N. Pheasant Woods ]

Debito brushed up against Fauna’s side, feeling the warmth of his mate make everything seem so much better. For a moment, he could forget all of the agony that plagued Fire Tribe like an epidemic. Perhaps now he could find his solace, his clarity in this dark, mournful world. ”I love you, Fauna,” was all he could whisper, choking on his own words. He felt overjoyed that she wasn’t dead-that he still had someone to live for. He would do anything for his mate, his love. He closed his eyes, enjoying the moment that he wished could go on forever.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by the snapping of a twig, indicating that life still existed within this dim world. Dark, beady eyes as bright as berries watched from the shadows; jaws agape, the black-and-white creature gasped ravenously, its breath clouding in the cold air. It carried itself on its lumbering paws, hunger gnawing at its stomach.

Debito’s green tattoo instantly lit up, and fire crackled and hissed at his paws. He bared his teeth in a snarl, his tail lashing with fury-and fear. ”Stay back, Fauna!” Why would a creature attack two tribe cats at once? Maybe it knew that its strength overpowered them-and that they were completely alone, unable to find help.

{Fauna | Orange - Air | N. Pheasant Woods}

Her “I love you” back was cut short by a rustling in the bushes. What was it? Was another cat here to tell them to go back to their tribes? Before she could actually catch a glimpse of what it was, she caught the scent of it. Badger. Her heart dropped to the floor. She backed away, Debito’s tattoo illuminating the area around them. Everything was in slow motion and she couldn’t help but stand there in complete shock. She tried to move her legs but they felt as though being weighed down with rocks. Desperately trying to activate her powers she tightly closed her eyes. She looked like a frightened kit, who couldn’t fend for herself.

Opening her eyes again she came face to face with the beast, the drool oozing from its maw. She yowled to try and scare it and blindly scratched at its face. Her and Debito would be sure to kill this thing together, or at least scare it away. Hopefully.

[ Debito / Green-Fire / N. Pheasant Woods ]

If there was one thing that could make his tumultuous thoughts become even worse, it was the sight of a predator. Badgers had powerful jaws, and they could easily snap the bones of a smaller feline. Lashing his tail, the Green-Fire made sure to stay close to his mate, protecting her from the ferocious fangs of the beast. He couldn’t bear to lose Fauna; he had to protect her-even if it would cost him his life doing so. A badger wouldn’t stop him from protecting his loved one!

Debito’s tattoo flashed, and fire crackled all around, turning the surroundings to bright oranges and golds. A ferocious roar defeaned his ears, but nothing would get in his way. He had to protect the ones he loved; he had to. What would his life be without Fauna? He would just become a Black-Fire once more-and he’d feel even more lost.

The badger roared wrathfully, slashing its claws across the gray tom’s face and then turning to glare furiously at the snow-white queen. The black-and-white beast’s jaws went for the Orange-Air’s hind leg in an attempt to lock onto the fragile limb and snap the bones.

{Fauna | Orange - Air | N. Pheasant Woods }

Fear was the only emotion she could feel. She wasn’t going to sit back and watch Debito get hurt… or even wore killed. Her whole world would come crashing down on her. What would she tell the kits? That their very own mother was a coward and couldn’t help their father ward off a badger?  They would hate her. She would hate herself. Not being ready to be left alone in a terrifying and cold world she tried to fight with him. This was one of the moments she wished she had spent a little more time training to fight, the neglect of that left her weak and unmatched to the badger and her mate.

Before she could react Debito was thrown off from a blow to the face, crimson blood dripped off him. The badger came at her next, biting her leg. She could feel the bone snapping and leaving her lower leg feelingless. A scratchy yowl escaped her maw as the badger dragged her by her leg. Warm blood trickling out of the fresh bite wounds. Is this how she would die? In front of her mate? She smiled, a kind of sad smile. If she were to die she would be happy. She was with her love, he could make anything better. Fauna almost felt guilty for giving up against the badger, she was much too tired to fight back now. Caring for her kits and caring for herself at the same time took too much energy out of her.

[ Debito / Green-Fire / N. Pheasant Woods ]

Sanguine blood splattered the frost-caked ground, blurring the tom’s vision as he heard the sharp yowl of agony. In spite of the blood dripping into his eyes, he could pick out the fragile figure of Fauna, the badger looming above her with gnashing, blood-stained fangs. Blood dripped from his mate’s leg, appearing bright crimson against her pure white fur. No, no, NO!

A yowl escaped from the jaws of the Green-Fire, and he flung himself at the badger, clawing at any flesh that he could find. He seemed to be in a frenzy of wrath, blood splattering onto the ground before him. However, the cuts seemed way too shallow, and the badger only snarled with fury and animosity. To the badger, he was just a mere pest-something that needed to be executed as soon as possible. ”I won’t let you kill her!” he screeched, staring into the beady eyes of the badger with blazing determination.

Suddenly, the badger had enough of the flurry of scratches, and it locked its jaws around the tom’s neck, warm, sticky blood dripping onto the ground. The badger let out a muffled snarl, flinging the Green-Fire’s limp body into a tree. The badger then flung its head to glare at Fauna, daring her to fight it.

Debito rested his head on the cold ground, his vision blurred by darkness. Blood matted his neck fur, and it seemed like nothing could staunch the flow. He couldn’t get up; he couldn’t move a muscle. Deep within his muddled mind, he was begging Fauna not to fight the badger. I don’t want to die alone. I-Is this how death is? Is it really this frightening? He almost felt like a kitten, begging for someone to be by his side while he lay there, his life force flowing out of his marred neck.

{Fauna | Orange - Air | N. Pheasant Woods}

Just before she was ready to go the hot smelly breath of the badger was no longer near her and a blur of a grey cat attacked it. She was proud. Oh so proud that he was her mate. This strong, brave cat she could call hers forever was going at great lengths to protect her. She was madly in love with him and her icey eyes shone through the pain.

Before she could even get up the badger had already sunk its teeth into his soft neck and a wheezing sound escaped his mouth. Everything went black and white for her. His nearly lifeless body lay limp on the frosted forest floor. Was this really happening? The light drained from her eyes and she used all her energy to sit up, her leg awkwardly sticking out to the side. She was numb. Not angry, not sad. Just numb.

Her tattoo suddenly lit up and a static wave rushed through the air. Glowing orange wings were spread along her back and spine. With the last drop of energy she had she sent a large spark far away to distract the badger. The large creature lumbered away after it, his fun was over here.

With no energy left she dragged herself over to Debito. Her eyes were wet with tears. This could not be the way he left the world. He couldn’t leave so quickly. She prayed to the ancestors. Prayed to give him life, or at least life for a few more minutes. ”Debito no” She sobbed getting closer to him and seeing the extent of the wounds on his body. There was no way he could survive this. ”Please don’t leave me, please… I need you..”

[ Debito / Green-Fire / N. Pheasant Woods ]

His yellow eyes were narrowed as he felt the energy ebbing away from his body. The fear seemed to slip away, as if all feeling would become a distant memory. He had Fauna by his side now, and that’s all that mattered. He wouldn’t die alone; he’d have the warmth of his mate by his side. ”Fauna, please, stay strong-for the kits. We’ve faced many hardships before…I’m sure you can face them. The kits will need you..and I’m sorry to leave them.” A weak cough wracked the gray tom’s body, and Debito knew he was running out of time. There wouldn’t be time to run and alert a Light Tribe healer.

”I won’t be leaving you. I’ll always be by your side, even in death. I-I love you, Fauna.” With that, he closed his eyes to the darkness, and his flanks slowly became still.

{Fauna | Orange - Air | N. Pheasant Woods}

She sobbed into his fur as the life was taken away from him. Nothing was fair and she wished she was dead too. He didn’t deserve this, he deserved to live and see the kits grow up, see them thrive and proser. His body was slowly becoming cold and she shivered as the wind swept through the forest. Everything was in an eerily silence other then branches clacking together. Her tears wet his pelt and she tried to wipe them away. Life would go on, seasons would change and moons would go by. Nothing would make her feel any better. Nothing could make her warm and happy again.

“I love you too, Debito” She whispered gently grooming his messy matted fur. The only thing that was still warm about him was the last trickle of blood dripping out of his wounds. She then sat there. Not moving, trying to believe he was going to wake up and everything was going to be okay but deep down she knew it wouldn’t.

She knew he was gone.
[ TGB ] Left Alone to Cry

:icontgb-firetribe: Points to Fire Tribe! (Still love you guys xD)

Why I'm alone freezing 

Oh, you can't hear me cry 
See my dreams all die 

It's so quiet here
And I feel so cold

This house no longer feels like home

- So Cold by Ben Cocks

The pain of writing this ;w; 
I'll probably upload a few rp's with Debito after this, but it will only be 1 rp (with Sheena) and maybe 1 fragment rp. 
Adopt 1 by PenumbralWolf
Adopt 1

Breed: American Curl, Balinese, Maine Coon
Suggested Names: Adela, Joan, Valeria, Aurelia, Gaia

- TGB only 
- If you buy the character, please use her. It doesn't have to be immediately, but I'd still like to see her in the group. 
- You MAY change her tribe-and gender, if you really want to. xD
- You may use this art on the application. 
- Best offer wins

Minimum Offer: 100 Points 

I would really like people to play Sanya's foster siblings (and mother, if possible), and the best way to do that might be to have try-outs. Please keep in mind, though: These characters will have no relations to Alcina or any blood relatives of Sanya. 


- No restrictions that could impede them from being a character (heterochromia, blindness, albinism)
- Their mother will be Yakone (Black-Shadow), and their father is Siluk (Black-Shadow). These are not their true names, though.
- We can discuss lineage if you are trying out for Yakone. She would be 5.5 season cycles. 
- Siluk is an Australian Mist / Maine Coon / Balinese mix. 
- Yakone is an American Curl / Javanese mix. 
- The kits of Yakone and Siluk would be adolescents by now, making them 1 year. 


Basically, you can just try-out whenever. There is no due date. If I see an application I really like, then I'll choose that one. Please tell me in advance that you are trying out for a sibling, and give me how many days you want me to wait until giving that kitten to someone. The longest I'll wait is 14 days. 

Available Characters

Quince / Alive / Black-Air (Female)
Amaryllis / Alive / Black-Fire (Female)
Aster / Alive / Black-Shadow (Male)
Orchid / Alive / Black-Water (Male)
Hemlock / Alive / Black-Light (Male)


- Would only hear about Aiko in stories
- Father, Siluk, died before they were born (Died protecting the pregnant Yakone from a ravenous fox) 
- Grew up in Northern Pheasant Woods, being watched over by Yakone and their uncle, Malik 
- Mother loved them, though she seemed distant most of the time, and their uncle raised and taught them. 
- When they reach one year, Yakone leaves them, telling them that she will be joining her designated tribe, Shadow Tribe. 

The rest is up to you.~ ouo

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